Welcome to CAS Group. We strive to fulfill the needs of our client with the help of three innovative Enzyme products Firmament, Envirocare & Agzyme.


Chaichana Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd or CAS Pvt Ltd has been in existence in Asia since 2003. Starting out as an agribusiness firm, CAS’s partner offices in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and USA unlocks the potential of enzyme technology to add value to agricultural endeavors. While enzymes have been in existence since the beginning of life, discoveries on its application to agricultural uses has really just begun. We at CAS are committed to bringing farmers the benefits of these natural catalysts called enzymes to the areas of Rural Road Construction, Bioremediation of organic wastes, and Enhancing Crop Yields.

Our enzymes are manufactured in the USA from a completely natural fermentation process, much like the production of the beverage beer. Our innovative products Firmament, Envirocare, and Agzyme help build lasting rural road bases, cleaner surroundings, and the highest yields-- all without the use of harsh chemicals.


To spread the use of enzyme technology to eliminate indiscriminate use of harsh chemicals in the environment


To continue the “green revolution” and unlock nature’s techniques to raise crop yield, remove harmful waste and build economical and durable roads.



FIRMAMENT or FM is a concentrated organic enzyme that stabilises and hardens soils through a catalytic binding of soil particles. The permanent bonds formed by the FM produces a high...


ENVIROCARE or EC is a blend of glucose enzymes that causes naturally occurring bacteria to multiply 3 billion times faster than normal, thus greatly speeding up the biological degradation...


Invented by a farmer, AG-ZYME™ is a natural bio-catalytic soil builder and conditioner made to soften and enhance soil to provide optimal conditions for vegetation. This miraculous product...


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